Posted by: Meagan | June 1, 2012


So, I think that I have been pretty vocal that this pregnancy has been harder than my other two. It actually makes me teary-eyed to think how long I have left in this pregnancy, it has been that hard. And that would be the main reason we are 99% sure we are done having children, though my husband and I are open to adoption in the future (Thanks Lara for opening my eyes to the world of adoption!).

When I was just entering the second trimester of this pregnancy I went on a walk with two friends and W-O-W the pain I experienced a quarter of a mile into it was pretty phenomenal. I was sure that I tore something or put myself into preterm labor, I was in a lot of pain. Since then I went in to the doctor, several times, preterm labor was ruled out and they basically told me that my round ligament was what was trying to kill me but that there isn’t anything anyone can really do besides stretching and taking Tylenol when it got to be too bad. I hoped that by resting it I would get back to normal until the last month or so of pregnancy when my round ligament screams at me for relief anyway. Fortunately the pain has gotten better, I think that vomiting may have aggravated it some how? Is that possible? I vomit from my loins so hard it breaks them?

Anyway I am still in pain every day and unable to do things like vacuum, sweep, mop, do much in the bending-over department like laundry, putting on little boy’s shoes, etc. I can do my laundry and go grocery shopping but it really wipes me out and I am really crazy-sore for days after. I have been very blessed with good friends and caring people who have come over to clean my house, weed my flower beds, fold my laundry, take my kids on walks, bring us meals, watch my kids, sending me gifts, threatening me to not overdo it, etc. I am so grateful for people who are so willing to help others and are such wonderful examples of Christ-like love and service. I have never needed help like this before and I was really worried about how things were going to get done, or cleaned or organized, and I feel like my back has been strengthened to bear these physical burdens and my faith has been strengthened by observing and being given service. I think that being willing to receive service is much much harder than giving service. So I just wanted to say thank you to all of you for serving, praying for, being a listening ear for me. I greatly appreciate it and count you all as blessings in my life.



  1. You’re right – receiving service is harder than giving it, I think. I am so glad you have loving people around you willing to take care of you. I worry about you and wish I were right there to help with those little day to day things.

  2. We love you, and are very grateful you will let us help. Thank you for being such a wonderful example to all of us.

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