Posted by: Meagan | June 5, 2012

WIP: Blue & Cream Throw Quilt

I have been working on this blanket for nearly a year. My mom came to visit last July and what do we do? Sew! Well… I sew, she buys and does a great job cutting, which is probably my least favorite part anyway. My mom brought a jelly roll quilt from a Moda line… Bunny somethings or other, and I finished the top while she was visiting. Then she bought tons of material for me to make a colorful rag quilt for my oldest, I finished that one within a few months, whoa, rag quilts are more work than you think! So in the fall I hand quilted the blue & cream throw then promptly put it away in the closet because I hate binding and it scares me.

In the spring my mother in law and her mother in law along with their husbands came to visit and they saw all the blankets in my closet that were so close to being done but weren’t (4 of them to be exact) and they yanked them right out of there and got going to help push me over the edge. My husband figured out the measurements for the binding on the blue & cream, so the binding was cut, and sewed on one side, with the back for me to finish up. I am almost there! On one side my mother in law missed sewing the binding to the back of the quilt so I need to go back with the machine and do the top side then hand-stitch the bottom, but I’ve finished 3 sides and am hoping to have it done this week!


Where the back of the quilt was missed.

Side that is unfinished

Mostly finished quilt.



  1. That is so pretty!

  2. I like your prints. I am finishing a toddler size quilt this week in blues and browns, too. Blessings to you.

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