Posted by: Meagan | June 7, 2012

Summer Time Fun Ideas

So my friend recently asked on Facebook for ideas of what she could do to entertain her children this summer, I immediately went to my Pinterest boards and here are some of the things I have found and will try to do with my boys as well. Good luck!


Outdoor Play:

-Water Balloon Pinata

-Sponge Bomb Bucket Toss

-Obstacle Course Party: This would be great for any kind of kid get-together, birthday, neighborhood block party, family reunion, etc.

-Marshmallow Fight: Some might prefer to play this inside, you could do either. And if you are interested in that you might be interested in homemade marshmallow launchers as well.

-Bubble Prints

-Inflatable Pool & Bath Toys: No link for this one, my boys love doing this. We found a $10 inflatable pool last summer and wow have we gotten our money’s worth out of that thing!

-Paint the Sidewalk with Water


Brain Things:

-Alphabet Painting: This could also be done outside on the patio or driveway.

-Eggspriments!: 5 fun experiments to do with eggs.

-Make a Bird Feeder: and learn about birds in your area by going to the library and checking out a book!

-Check your local library, most have a summer reading program!


-Nature Scavenger Hunt

-Make a play garden, or if your kids are older, let them grow something!!




Indoor Play:

-Mess-Free Finger Painting

-Blow up Balloons and have a ninja fight!

-Food Coloring Ice Cubes: kids can chase and play with these in the tub or in the kiddy pool!

-Easy Animal Crafts: this link takes you to 35 fun animal crafts.

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