Posted by: Meagan | July 11, 2012


In my entire life thus far I have found only two people willing to live with me. This does not count family as really you are all shoved together and forced to get along or be miserable. Obviously the first person many will think of is my husband. He’s awesome and cute and didn’t know what he was in for!

(One of our engagement pictures.)

The second person, but really the first is my friend Josie. We were roommates in college for two years, probably some of the most fun-filled/care-free years of my life. We were roommates for my sophomore and junior years of college, and we had a blast. Well I know I did and I’m pretty sure she did too. I have to admit I was pretty annoyed with Wayne (her boyfriend) who then proposed and took my roommate away from me, but thankfully that didn’t hamper our relationship. Josie and I had the pleasure of catching up last night, we talk every few months or so and we are just as open and honest with each other as we always have been. I think this is one of the reasons we have always gotten along so well. Josie doesn’t know how not to say what’s on her mind and neither do I, so it was refreshing to be around someone who was similar to ourselves. We are still very different people and I love her tons! She can school just about anyone on the basketball court, neither of us know how to put make up on, and she introduced me to chicken from a can – what?!? I used to joke with her that I was such a rude person that she would marry and I would be her cat-lady neighbor. Thankfully I’m allergic to cats and my wonderful husband came along but I’d still like to be her neighbor.

I decided to take a sampling of pictures from our years together just because it makes me smile, so feel free to look at our weird pictures or not to.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

And because I love Josie, I will post a belly picture. I am 29 weeks along now, and I am massive. I’ve gained 17 pounds but for some reason my babies sit straight out on my body, so far out that I don’t get heart burn. So here you go Josie, now you know why I have so many stories of people assuming that I am due any day and asking me if it is possible for me to get any bigger (yes I will get bigger so please don’t ask me in the comments.)



  1. Oh man, poor thing. Put your feet up and take a break! Hope it’s all going well for you. My boys were thrilled with the fort behind you in the picture.

    • Oh yes, blanket forts are all kinds of fun for (most) everyone! And if you have a blanket fort then you HAVE to play with flashlights as well.

      • AH! I never thought of using a flashlight. My kids will love their Aunt Meagan for telling me about that.

  2. I think you are adorable! And I remember being mad at Ben for taking the closest thing I had to sister away! But he’s grown on me 😉

  3. Your baby bump is adorable. Big, yes. But you’re still tiny everywhere else. So funny. You know…I got engaged way early in college and missed out on the fun of a great roommate. Makes me a little sad.

  4. Can you get any bigger?? (Just kidding, I swear!! Hehe) At least the good thing is that you don’t get heartburn and you can sit your plate on your belly when you’re eating!! I only got big enough to do that towards the end of my pregnancy but it was still fun to do. 🙂

  5. Awww, are you trying to make this pregnant lady cry? Except the part about both of us not knowing how to do make-up, that part made me laugh. I miss the good old times. And what did I ever do with that bowling shirt?! That was the coolest thing ever!
    Thanks for posting the picture. You look great! Your boys will appreciate you some day because they will get married and their wives will remind them of all your sacrifices. You’re awesome.

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