Posted by: Meagan | July 25, 2012

Cards Simplified

It has been a while since I posted something about simplifying and it is about time I do it! Well I found a neat idea on Pinterest* for organizing cards with… ta da!

Metal rings!

At first I thought this idea kind of silly but later the potential really hit me as I walked into my bedroom and saw Mother’s Day cards from May on my dresser, the Mother’s Day card from last year on my night stand my son pulled out of my journal and colored with a hot pink highlighter and I thought… maybe punching a hole in these babies and putting them in a filing cabinet/ drawer/etc would be awesome. So I did it and as birthday cards have come I added them to my binder ring and I LOVE it! It makes me want (and I do) go back and reread them. They are no longer loose in a drawer or filing cabinet making me angry each time I am looking for one specifically or anything else I might have shoved in that drawer. I put the year on the back of each card so I know when it was given to me and then, like magic, more possibilities flooded my mind. If only I had this idea I could have a binder ring full of cards from friends from our wedding, that would be nice, instead I think I threw most all of them away because there were so many and they were loose in a filled-up drawer.

Not only does this help organize cards BUT it keeps you from forgetting about them. Like the time we were preparing to move and I found a card from two years previous with a $100 check from my college graduation! Think if I would have put that check in my wallet and punched a hole in the card and stored it that way instead of losing it in a drawer or pile only to be found YEARS later! Also like the time I found $50 cash in a card from my wedding from a friend, over a year later… I nearly wept.

If you are wondering about the cost let me satisfy your curiosity, buying a pack of metal binder rings is super cheap, like $2 for 8 rings of varying sizes. And who doesn’t already own a hole-punch? Super cheap fix for a big, messy problem! I found my binder rings at Wal Mart, you can find them at most any grocery store in the school or office supply sections!

I will be starting a binder ring for each of my family members. We will probably keep “the best of” cards long-term, that way we keep each person down to one binder ring each, reducing clutter and managing our gift money at the same time. 🙂 Not to mention I think it will be awesome for my boys to have cards with their great-grandparents handwriting in them! Such a precious thing to keep and share with your kids!

Yay organizing! Yay simplifying! Yay less-frustration in my life!

*So I looked on my Pinterest boards to give credit to the smart person who actually thought of this but apparently I didn’t pin it! Just saw it and kept on looking. Sorry person with good ideas, but thank you too!



  1. Great idea, thanks for sharing!

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