Posted by: Meagan | August 8, 2012

Wednesday WIP: Finished Baby Blanket & Heritage Quilt

It has taken me two years, but I finally finished my 2 year old’s baby blanket. The plus of making a baby blanket after they are born is finding out what they like. The silky edge is a must for my little guy and I never would have done it before he was born. The down side is that he isn’t a baby anymore, though I know he will still use and love on his blanket.

I am surrounded by men in my life and finding out we were expecting our third boy motivated me to reach out to my female relatives and work on a heritage quilt. So I have contacted, still waiting to hear back from some of them, my aunts, mom, grandma, and sister in law and will be sending each of them fabric to create a quilt block a piece. I will then put them all together in a quilt for me. Muwahaha! Okay it isn’t evil or anything, and I will still have a LOT of work to do. I will be putting a block in between each of my relatives to make a nice, big blanket. Whew. It will be quite the project, so you can all look forward to updates on this blanket throughout the next year or two… I mean if it took me two years to finish a baby blanket, who knows how long it will take me to complete this one, even if my relatives are making half of the top.

Fabric Choices:

My in-between block design:

picture courtesy of the book Sew to Swap, pg. 114, by Chrissie Grace

I guess time will tell how the heritage quilt goes and how quickly I will get it done. I wish you all well on your current projects great and small!



  1. I love Gage’s blanket!

    • Thanks! It has been quite the process! Hopefully #3’s doesn’t take me quite so long.

  2. […] that I have been talking to and working with my aunts and other female relatives on making a heritage quilt. I have forever been surrounded by guys and I really wanted something to help represent the women […]

  3. […] it’s about time for another Heritage Quilt Update! (You can find update #1 here, and my original post here.) The quilt is coming along really well! I have almost received all the squares from my female […]

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