Posted by: Meagan | August 16, 2012

Over This & What Not to Say to Pregnant Women

I am so over pregnancy. I want this little guy out so I can snuggle his face and count his fingers and toes. I’m so very tired of painful ligaments, and being swollen, not being able to sleep on my back for crying out loud! I am so exhausted because my hips and shoulders are killing me when I sleep so I’m constantly rolling over, which is super painful and wakes me up. I actually put off sleeping because it hurts so bad. I also feel like I am almost to the newborn-exhaustion stage already so I might as well have a cute baby to hold and snuggle and smell! I don’t think I’ve ever had a more demanding/painful/exhausting pregnancy. It may be because this is my third, but everything I read about “this week” on is coming 2-3 weeks late. “At 34 weeks you might begin having braxton hicks contractions…” well, I’ve been having them for weeks people, weeks! I just hope that means I’m dilating. I also hope that this baby comes 1-2 weeks early, but at this point being pregnant for even another month is so not appealing and I can’t really think about it or I might be reduced to tears.

Because I like you all, I thought I would also include a list of what not to say to pregnant women you see, even if you know them really well. I think the most rude comments people have made have been by older women who are now grandmas, and married men with teenage or older children. Be warned that because of the above mentioned fatigue and pain pregnant woman are in, if you say any of the following you may at some point get slapped or more likely, get something thrown at your face. Some people, especially older men, will say these things in jest, thinking they are really funny, it just makes me want to hit you harder or watch you trip and fall on the sidewalk. Sometimes I just have the imagine them doing something really stupid and hurting themselves so I don’t say a rude comment back. On to real comments people have said to me. Feel free to add things people have said to you in the comments.

-You look miserable!

-When were you due?

-Is there one or two in there?

-Oh my gosh you are so huge!

-Could you get any bigger?

-I think you’re having twins!

-Are you sure you aren’t having twins?

-So you’re due any day?

-When are you going to drop that?

-Wow! You’ve exploded!

-How much weight have you gained?!

-I am in pain just looking at you!

-Do you have to buy special clothes?

-You’re swollen!

-You’ve only gained 10 pounds? But you’re so big!

-You can’t see your feet!

-You look like you’re going to pop!

-You look like you could of had that baby last week!

-I think your nose has gotten bigger!



  1. Oh my goodness those are awful! The twins things are possibly the worst! I love the people that feel they can get away with these comments because they were pregnant before. Also, when I was pregnant and huge, it used to annoy me when my mother in law who has an adorably cute body would talk about how big she was and how none of her clothes fit and then would say, “but you’re supposed to be big, because you’re pregnant.” I don’t care woman. I feel huge and you are making it worse!!!

  2. Ha! “Do you have to buy special clothes”? Someone really asked that?

    “Nope. I picked up these from the juniors department at Macy’s.”

  3. Yep, awesomely stupid. I think they meant that I was so big maternity clothes didn’t fit. Whatever. I people can be pretty dumb.

  4. Oh Meagan, I’m sorry you’re in so much pain and misery! I can totally relate on the painful shoulders and hips. And I am dying to sleep on my stomach! It will be good to have these babies here.

  5. I’ve gotten quite a few of those. I’m 29 weeks and if I hear one more the next person might get punched

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