Posted by: Meagan | October 17, 2012

New Mom Helps

As I was cruising Pinterest I found this blog post: How to Help a New Mom, and I thought it had some really awesome ideas.

(Updated: I was asked to take off the ones I wanted to point out and have you go directly to the original post, so please go to the link there are great ideas there!)

I want to add some that I have found that helps.

– Bring a Treat: and I don’t mean junk food. A friend of mine brought homemade strawberry freezer jam and WHOA it was so delicious and gave me the motivation to get up in the morning with my older boys, get them breakfast and dressed so I could have strawberry jam on toast.

– Stop By: I only recommend this if you are good enough friends that she is willing to let you in the house when it is 2pm and everyone is still in pjs and the dishes aren’t done. While you are there, fold some laundry, wash the dishes, give the older kids a bath, watch the kids so she can nap or let her vent or ask questions or whatever. Having a new baby is emotionally, physically and mentally exhausting no matter how many times you have done it, so just be her friend and don’t judge.

– Surprise Her: With a date night in, take her older kids so she and her husband can have a date night in or just get some sleep. Bring her favorite smoothie, Sonic drink, offer to go shopping for her. Acts of service are really appreciated.

– Don’t Forget About Her! I say this because lots of people always want to help right after a new baby arrives, but it takes months for babies to start sleeping through the night, so don’t forget to do the above things in the months following a new baby’s arrival.



  1. Great ideas! I was thinking this year about how hard the first day of school is for me, so I was thinking I should think of someone sending their first off to kindergarten and bring them cookies or something. I wish I could be there to do some of this stuff for you!

    • That would be great, seeing how you are going to have a baby any time you would have to suffice with coming over and chatting, which I love to do with you anyway!

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