Posted by: Meagan | August 15, 2013

A Post! With More to Come.

Have you ever looked at dinner in progress and thought, “This isn’t looking very good.”


And then it’s finished and it’s delicious.


That was our dinner last night, and probably how this blog has been recently. But please don’t give up on me! I have some fun and exciting posts coming up including DIY Freezer Jam and a tutorial on making yo-yo’s (the fabric kind.) And an update on my August of No Pants! Yes, I am doing it, and I’m half-way through the month wearing only skirts! So please stay tuned and thank you for your patience while we have moved across the country and and slowly settled into our new home.



  1. I find that summer time is hard to keep up the blogging. There is just so much going on, even when you aren’t moving across country! I won’t give up on you though, I like to read your posts. And this dinner looks delicious!

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