Posted by: Meagan | August 29, 2013

How-to: Make a Yo-Yo

Making yo-yos is fun and once you make a few it becomes a super fast project you can do while watching your favorite show or chatting with friends. These would also be a great sewing project to teach children, once you make a few yourself that is!

First you will need your equipment. I purchased and suggest you do too, a Quick Yo-Yo Maker. I know it’s possible to make them without one but using one makes the process much faster. I bought my large yo-yo maker for less than $7 at my local craft store.


It separates into two pieces.

IMG_2738Put your fabric in the bottom part of the maker (pale yellow part) right side down. Then you will put the top part of the maker (darker yellow) on the the top.


Make sure you have holes to push your needle through and snap the top down to secure it.


Then trim excess fabric from around the maker. You are ready to sew!


Personally I like to fold the edge over so the center of the yo-yo looks more finished, you don’t need to do this but I think it looks much tidier. Knot the end of your thread and start your needle from the bottom of the maker towards the top.


Continue sewing around your yo-yo maker being sure not to sew over the top of the bottom (pale yellow).


Sew all the way around back to your knot.


This is what the top of your yo-yo should look like after you finish sewing.


Pop the bottom from the top.


Pull on your thread.


Pull tightly until your yo-yo looks like this.


Knot you thread and cut the excess thread and tidy the edges of your yo-yos and boom you’re done!


Soon you’ll have quite a few ready for your projects!




  1. Someone gave us a yo-yo quilt for a wedding gift and I wondered how they made such perfect yo-yo’s! I didn’t know they made a tool for it. So cool. These are really cute.

  2. Those are so cute! I can’t wait to see what you make with them.

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