Posted by: Meagan | September 25, 2013

Halloween Trick-or-Treat Bag Tutorial

I started this post last year but with the birth of boy #3 I didn’t get it posted. I am happy to announce that once again, Halloween is a-comin’! Last August my boys and I were in the fabric store buying fabric for the Christmas and birthday gifts I was frantically trying to get done before the baby arrived and they spied the Halloween fabric. They begged me to buy fabric so I decided to skip the plastic trick or treat pumpkins and make trick-or-treat bags for my boys, only I finished just one bag in time for the big day. Oh well, you can’t win them all can you?


1/2 yard of fabric per bag

Matching Thread

Sewing Machine


-Wash, dry and iron the fabric

-My fabric is already cut to a half yard, I then folded it in half and cut 4 1/2 inches off each end for the handles.


-Sew the handles: Fold fabric hotdog style (remember that from elementary school?!) so the design is on the inside, and the fabric is long. Sew, I did a large seam allowance of 1/2 in. Turn right-side out and iron. I decided I wanted the seam on the underside of the handle, that is personal preference you can put the seam wherever you want when you iron it down.


-To keep the handles from getting to floppy, and I think it looks a lot nicer, I sew the edges on each side about 1/4 in. in.


-Repeat steps for second handle.

-Time to sew the bag. Fold down each end of the large piece of material. I folded each side down about an inch, iron and then rolled it down another inch, ironed and sewed across.


(Note: Some may want to sew handles on BEFORE sewing up the sides of the bag, I did it last so I could better eye the placement of the handles, but do whatever you prefer!)

-Take your piece of material and fold it in half with right sides together, sew each side. I double stitched the seam for extra protection and keep it from fraying. Using pinking shears on the exposed edges can also help keep the fraying down to a minimum.


-Next attach the handles to the bag, sewing a rectangle with an X through it helps secure handles really well.


-After handles are attached you are done! This bag held up great to a little boy’s night of trick and treats, I’m really happy how it turned out and his big brother is super excited to get his very own trick or treat bag this year.




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