Posted by: Meagan | January 29, 2014

Controlling TV Time!

Since my oldest has started school it has been difficult to control the  amount of TV time my 3 year old was watching. I would falter and give in and let him watch too many shows. It can be easy to let him watch educational shows and documentaries, yes, my 3 year old does like documentaries, mostly of the dinosaur variety. I stumbled across this free printable on Pinterest and I thought it would be perfect for us and… I was right.


I put it up, right by the TV, and explained that he could only watch as many shows as were on our new little TV. He was fine with that and really he just wanted me to start a show already. After he watched his shows for the first day, he really wanted to watch more, but I reminded him that watching 5 shows is plenty for one day, and he said okay, rather mopey, but he left and found something else to play with. He quickly became very good and would remind me to move one over if I had forgotten. The first time the boys didn’t use up all of their allotted shows, as they were getting in bed they insisted they should stay up and watch 2 more shows since they hadn’t earlier. Ha! They quickly came to realize that 5 was the maximum and that they don’t HAVE to watch that many in a day.


One thing I like about the printable is all the options, you can have as many as 9 shows and 2 movies and there are 2 extras you can use at your leisure. Obviously that is a lot of TV, but if you have multiple children having that many helps you to divide it up between them. Especially if one has school part of the day, etc. I have a laminator and so I laminated the printable and then cut them out. I stuck tape on the back and to keep track I just move one circle from one side of the TV to the opposite at the beginning of each show.


I’m excited to get my kids down to even less TV and I know this nifty chart will be there to help me out! I hope you enjoy this chart as much as we have.




  1. What a cute idea! I may have to do one of these for my kids.

    • It has been an enormous help for us! No more whining when I turn the TV off, miracles happen Liz!

  2. Cute! This is a fun idea. And I’m so jealous you have a laminator?!

    • Yes! My wonderful sister in law Tammy found them on sale and bought one for me, it is fabulous and I use it all the time! If you find one for a decent price you totally need to buy it! I get refill lamination sheets at Walmart. Really quite cheap!

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