This blog was created with moms in mind. I will post anything to do with moms and things to do with being a mom. I will test and critique kid-friendly recipes, products, and activities and report back to you. Comments and suggestions are welcome, and ideas are really what every mom needs so please feel free to share activities you have done with your kids, meals they have loved and products that float your boat, or sank it!


  1. Your pictures are like black and white images, you just cant get enough of them. With that being said, I would like to ask permission from you to use one of your wonderfully amazing shots to put on my credit card 🙂

    • Any photo marked with a photography tag may be used for non-commercial use. Any pictures of people may not be used. Thank you for asking! I am so excited that you like the photography and I would love to see my photos in use except that you are using it on a credit card (obviously you don’t want that info shared!) If you ever do use any of my photos on anything else I would appreciate it if you would attribute me and I’d love to get a link just so I can see them in use!


  2. Hi Megan,

    First, sorry if I’ve misspelled your name- is there an h? I can’t remember!

    Second, it was so nice to see you all tonight and have a chat. As neighbors with little boys that obviously have a blast playing together we must do this more often.

    My blog is here:http://artactually.wordpress.com/ I’ll be posting my landscape plans there this weekend.

    Remember- Bunnies love impatients and cosmos 🙂

    • Thank you for the flower reminder and blog link! Very cool blog; I love it. I already started reading through your posts. I forgot cosmos so I’m glad you put it on here! Maybe we should have before/after pictures of our landscaping projects!

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