Posted by: Meagan | April 3, 2013

Seat Belt Pillow Tutorial

I don’t know about you, but I’ve seen quite a few seat belt pillow pictures on Pinterest  but zero tutorials! So I decided to make one and share my trial run with you. I just used my cell phone to take pictures so please forgive the quality. This was a fairly simple project and it turned out perfectly. It Velcros around the seat belt just how I pictured in my mind, it is a great length, I can get my son in and out of his seat without having to take the pillow off and on each time. Also this doesn’t go inside the belt, so it doesn’t interfere with any seat belt safety issues. AND it doesn’t fall down and leave my son with no head support once he falls asleep! Not to mention, no bulky pillows to keep track of and which ultimately get stepped on or dropped in the parking lot and have to be washed. LOVE this pillow!

I had my son pick from fabric I had in my stash and miraculously I actually had everything else on hand already and I made zero runs to the store.

What you need:

– 16″x 32 1/2″ fabric (give or take depending on how large you would like the pillow to be.)

– 2- 8 1/4″ pieces sof fabric, or 1- 19″x 19 1/2″ piece of fabric of either the same or coordinating/complementary colors/pattern.

– About 15 inches of sew Velcro.

-Polyester fiber fill


-Sewing machine


-First you are going to iron your fabric… ALL of it. If you want to sew, you better learn to love ironing, it makes measurements more precise, helps keep your fabric from puckering, and just makes it look awesome in general.

-Take your smaller piece of fabric and fold it in half, and… are you ready to go back to elementary school? Fold it hot-dog style, with the right side on the inside.


-Sew a line down the seems, turn right-side out and iron again. Lay and pin Velcro on the outside and sew all the way around.


-Do the same with the other side, make sure you have Velcros where when sandwiched, they will meet.


-Next I rolled the top and bottom fabric and sew.


-Yay! Completed piece.


-Next get your large piece of fabric out. Place small piece (I’m just going to call it brown), a few inches from what will become the seam and pin. Be sure not to pin through to the bottom piece of fabric. I measured 2 1/2″ from the Velcro out and marked with a fabric marker. (I also cut off the white strip with the coloring, etc. off.)


-Sew along the outside of the Velcro, up to the rolled seam, over and down the fabric marker line, and back over the opposite rolled seam to create a sturdy rectangle.

-Fold brown fabric over so Velcro sticks to itself, and fold large (blue) fabric in half, hot dog style :), right side on the inside.


-Sew across the top and down the side. I double stitched this since it will be pulled around and it’s better to be safe than sorry later!


-Turn right-side out and stuff with poly-fill.


– Fold bottom in and iron. Sew across, again, I double stitched this.


-Viola! You are done! My son loves his pillow and used it that very night on a late-night air port pick up.




  1. So cool! I haven’t seen these before, what a great idea! Glad you blogged. 😉

  2. Thank you. I have two more to make and a friend who asked me to help her make one, so, I’ll probably have this down pat in no time. Hopefully I’ll get a few more posts up here!

  3. Very cool! I saw something like this on a commercial and I’ve wanted one ever since. Maybe when life calms down a bit and I break out the sewing machine again I’ll try this!

  4. […] Car seat pillow for D  due 6/10 […]

  5. […] Car seat pillow for D due 6/10 […]

  6. So the brown piece wraps around the seat belt to hold it???????????

    • Exactly Laurie, the brown fabric folds around the seat belt and the velcro keeps it in place.

  7. Can you wash this?

    • Yes! Most definitely! I washed mine on warm/cold cycle with mild detergent and air dried.

  8. […] anticipation of our late summer vacation plans I made my girl a seat belt pillow using this tutorial by Megan @ Domestic […]

  9. Thanks for the tutorial!! I made one for my nephew tonight! I hope he lives it!!

    • I’m so glad the tutorial worked for you and I’m sure your nephew will love it!

  10. This is dangerous, there shouldn’t be anything between the child and the seat belt.

    • Thank you for your concern, there is only a thin strip of cloth between the seat belt and the child. The pillow is on the outside of the seat belt and does not interfere with seat belt safety.

  11. Thanks Meagan for the great tutorial. I am making two of these for our grandsons who fall asleep on the trip from our house to theirs. Have begun sewing and the instructions are clear and precise. Many thanks. Nansea

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