Posted by: Meagan | August 22, 2012

Gift Giving

My mother pointed out to me that Christmas is 19 weeks away, which can seem pretty far but if you are a crafter or like to be done shopping before the crowds enter the shopping scene, or if you are going to have a new baby, *ahem* then now is the time to start shopping or crafting! My mother in law and I are usually in competition for who starts Christmas gift buying first and this is quite possibly the first year she beat me! So I’ve been perusing looking for gifts for my boys, checked our *Christmas fund to see how much was in our budget and divided it up among those receiving gifts and cards, etc.

I don’t know about you but I am tired of giving gifts that I don’t know are liked or wanted or functional. It can be especially hard to buy for relatives that live far away, what is the decor in their home like? You aren’t there to hear daily conversations of what they like or dislike, you can’t just make them their favorite dessert or know what movies they have in their collection. So I’ve been perusing the internets and found some crafty items that I think most people can use and make.

Insulated Casserole Carriers

~The link doesn’t take you directly to the directions, however I like how she changed the original directions to add the canvass belting to the carrier. She does have the link to the original directions in her post.

Great for taking hot dishes to potlucks, holiday parties, to a sick friend, etc.

Simple Apron

Cute and simple, who doesn’t like to have a cute apron?

Rice Owls

Awesome for keeping little feet and hands warm in the winter, and added awesome of also being a toy and not just an eye-sore!

Tote Bags

Who doesn’t need tote bags? It seems like we always are needing and changing out tote bags around here.

Lunch Bag

For all those in school or working, a cute bag to stash your money-saving, homemade lunch in. And not to leave you SAHMs out these are also perfect for picnics and trips to the park, zoo, museum, gymnastics or road trips!

Fabric Bookmarks

For the “old school” reader in your life!

Sleep Mask

Great for traveling or just sleeping in!

The thing I love about sewing gifts is that I can make them as simple or complicated as I like. And if you want to do a sewing project for Christmas you better step on it! I went to the fabric store yesterday and had to leave my name and number for them to let me know when some vital materials for my projects get in… in about 3 weeks! Ahh! Start early so you don’t get left out in the cold.

*Christmas fund: at the beginning of the year my husband and I decide how much money we want to spend on Christmas and we set up an automatic withdraw from our checking account into our Christmas saving account. That way we don’t have to worry about coming up with several hundred dollars out of nowhere, leaving money to collect interest on our credit card, worrying about lay-away programs, etc.



  1. Love these ideas! I’m picturing making a sleep mask with some big open eyes appliqued onto it – haha – that would turn some heads on the airplane!

  2. PS Only 18 weeks, my dear! I know because I am due December 20th and I have only 17 weeks left!

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